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What’s Better Than Foreplay?

Foreplay is good.  Foreplay has it’s place.
Every excellent lover has a great gift for the
art of foreplay and can play in that space for
hours and with expertise when they are in the mood
to play that game…

If you were hoping this newsletter was going
to be about foreplay or want some great ideas
in that area, you should check out my mini-book,
“How To Initiate Sex Without Ever Being Rejected”

I think it will give you a fresh perspective
on the subject.

But the quick newsletter I’m writing today is
about something that I think is more powerful and
will do much more to set you apart as an incredible
lover… the kind of man that a woman will brag
to her friends about the next morning.

It is the art of the “afterglow”.

Obviously there are some more basic skills that
you want to master first.  You should, of course,
be able to control how long you last, and you
should understand how to touch her, where to touch
her, rhythm, teasing and anticipation, how to
build intimacy, how to give her permission to
completely surrender….

But the afterglow is the neglected art that
can create massive trust, intimacy, and make your
sex life better and better each time you are

If you are in a committed relationship, or you
want to take a more casual dating relationship to
a much higher level of intimacy, you will be blown
away by the power of the 10 minutes following
love making when you are both flooded with good
hormones and feeling open and vulnerable.

After powerful orgasms, your woman will be
incredibly open and very sensitive to you.
Spending the time to fill her with good feelings
and emotions in that space will contextualize those
orgasms and make them into profound and powerful
memories of intimacy.

(Hopefully for BOTH of you).

I can’t even begin to tell you how much the
opposite is true as well.  You can be the world’s
greatest stud in the sack and leave her feeling
like you are just joe-average if you seal the deal
with a zip of the pants and a dash for the kitchen.

It’s like a great movie with a stupid ending
that just kills the whole thing.

You know, “there were some really good parts,
but overall I wouldn’t recommend it.”

On the other hand, an average movie with a
shocking twist that just blows you away at the
end… it’s like you can’t wait for your friends
to see it so you can download the experience with

Now I’m not saying that good afterglow = her
lining up her friends at your bedroom door…

But I am saying that paying attention to this
area will set you apart in a powerful way, both
in her heart and in her erotic feelings towards

So here’s some specific ideas for you…

You can’t beat the soap-opera tested-and-
approved position of laying her head on your
chest and talking in a your quietest and most
soothing voice about how beautiful she is and how
good she smells.

If you enjoy stroking girl-hair, running your
fingers through it, and generally petting her like
a house-cat… good news:

She will love you forever.

Running finger-nails gently along the scalp
and nape of neck will get you extra-bonus points
that will be worth huge numbers of sexual favors
whenever you want them.

Gazing into her eyes and very softly caressing
her face… well, just be careful here… if you
are not in love with her, you don’t want to do
this kind of thing, because it will break her
heart very badly if you ever leave her.

Here’s some more thoughts…

When you make love late at night, after work
and the meal and dishes, and you are completely
exhausted afterwards… it’s hard not to roll over
and go right to bed.

That’s one of the great things about morning
and day-time sex…

But you have PLAN for it.  Budget your time.
Don’t just bang away right up until you have
5 minutes until that conference call…

Plan to end it a little early so that you can
indulge in the after-glow.  If you are stuck in
that male-competitive mind-set of “lasting longer
is the definition of better in bed”, you have no
idea how much you are missing.

This is also a really big argument for learning
how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms.  After
several orgasms without ejaculating you will feel
both satisfied and energized after sex instead
of drained and weak.  I used to avoid daytime
sex before I fully mastered this art.

If you are still not having male multiple
orgasms and want to learn more about this brilliant
piece of love-making skill, you should check out
my Command & Control program here

It will have a profound impact on your entire
relationship, and there is no system for learning
this skill that is more effective or gets anywhere
near the high percentage of results than the one that
I created here.

And, finally, don’t forget that when after-glow
is done right, it is a “sacred space”.  It is not
time for casual banter, asking whether she
remembered to pay the electric bill, or complaining
about the new guy at work who is turning out to
be a jerk…

Don’t get up to answer a text message or turn
on the television.

You won’t believe how much you can get out
of ten minutes if you are willing to treat it
as something special.

Wishing you the best in love and life,

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